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GoHealth Clubs actively support you in achieving your goals

Do you want to lose weight, improve your condition, or become stronger? Or just maintain a healthier lifestyle and get more energy out of your everyday life? At GoHealth Clubs, you determine your own goals, and we motivate you to actually achieve these goals. We do this by using the right equipment, customised fitness programmes, and personal guidance.

Personal guidance in the form of lifestyle coaching

At GoHealth Clubs, we always help you to achieve your goals. We do this with lifestyle coaching – a personal coach who motivates and encourages you every week to continue to work with pleasure toward achieving your ultimate goal. We give you the tools you need to personally discover the choices available to you. Together, we make sure you actually achieve your objective.

Enthusiastic and expert personal coaches

A large hall with pieces of equipment, on which customers randomly do exercises and approach a gym employee now and then – unfortunately, we are all familiar with this picture. It looks and works differently at GoHealth Clubs: Our personal coaches are enthusiastic and skilled, and they establish a custom plan with each customer. We make sure that the devices are adjusted for you and we meticulously keep track of your progress. This allows us to immediately adjust your programme on the basis of your progress.

No performance without motivation

Lifestyle coaching is one of our unique pillars and thus the key to your success. We want to motivate you, every week. This keeps you working enthusiastically towards your goal.

It is precisely this enthusiasm which is our own objective – it’s the reason why we do everything we can to guide you in a pleasant way towards a fitter and healthier life, with a stronger body and a fresher mind.


5 reasons to exercise at GoHealth Clubs

Each year, many thousands of enthusiastic customers are successfully guided in GoHealth Clubs. How do we do that? By keeping our five promises.

1. We know you personally – your goal is our goal.‚Äč

With carefully established programmes, sincere interest and extensive knowledge, we make your goal our goal. Together, we work towards that goal with great pleasure.

2. We work with the best equipment, set up in a circuit layout.

With the Milon Circle or the Technogym Biocircuit circuit training, you train just 30 minutes at a go. The automatically adjusted equipment helps you achieve your goal, with a success rate of up to 15 times better. Ideal if you have a full appointment book.

3. We provide personal guidance to make sure you achieve results.

Lifestyle coaching is the ultimate ingredient for success: Our personal coaches encourage you from start to finish and make sure you realise your goals.

4. We encourage everyone with a big smile.

A smile costs nothing but gives a great deal. We provide the positive energy so that you are and remain motivated during every training.

5. We offer you a clean, safe and relaxed environment.

Working on your goals is even easier in a clean, inviting environment which is organised in an orderly fashion. For beginners to seasoned fitness fanatics.


Do you also want to start on your fitness goals?

Experience it for yourself: Discover how it is to exercise at GoHealth Clubs. Start today with a free trial week and receive personal advice about how you can best achieve your fitness goals.

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