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Company fitness

Company fitness

Ideal for employers and employees

The benefits for employers

Fit and healthy employees perform better, are sick less often, and are more enthusiastic towards your customers and their colleagues. By paying attention to the vitality of your employees, you contribute to labour productivity and you decrease absenteeism. A clear win-win!

The benefits for employees

Having a healthier lifestyle, a fitter body, and a stronger mind is fantastic. All the better if you can achieve this more economically through an arrangement with your employer.

Financial benefit

Company fitness offers a great financial benefit; the fiscal advantage for employees can amount to as much as 50%!

Affiliated with company fitness organisations

GoHealth Clubs work together with the four largest company fitness organisations in the Netherlands:

Your “own” company fitness scheme for employees

Is your employer not yet affiliated with a company fitness organisation, but you want to make use of a company fitness scheme with a group of colleagues? Then contact us: We are always looking for opportunities and we generally often know how to achieve our objectives.

Your “own” GoHealth Club

We enjoy being a consultation partner for employers or staff associations who have more than 250 sporting employees. One of the possibilities is a GoHealth Club in or next to your company and, in many cases, it can provide a very attractive financial picture.

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