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About GoHealth Clubs

A healthy lifestyle is important; increasing numbers of people are paying more attention to their health. We believe that fitness must be accessible to everyone. That’s why we remove the barriers, so our customers can work on their health quickly and effectively. We aim for ease of use, efficiency and personal attention. Our five promises are the common thread running throughout our concept.

  • We know you personally – your goal is our goal.
  • We work with the best equipment, set up in a circuit layout.
  • We provide personal guidance to make sure you achieve results.
  • We encourage everyone with a big smile.
  • We offer you a clean, safe and relaxed environment.

Training at GoHealth Clubs

We always have you first become acquainted with our concept. During this introduction, we delve deeper into your current living, exercising and eating habits and your goals. We calculate your weight, fat percentage and muscle mass, and we use these values as a starting point. Then, together with you, we establish your personal training plan and we get to work. Want to keep going? We continuously monitor your training plan using interim measurements to record your progress and fine-tune your training plan. By increasing the eccentric resistance, you will be challenged again and again – ideal for your motivation, pleasure and training result. All your performances are recorded in the GoHealth app, which also encourages you to achieve your goals.

You use your personal GoHealth wearable to log in at all the fitness machines, which are then automatically adjusted to your body. Account is also taken of any injuries. Is the end of your training phase in sight? Then we take a final measurement and compare the results with your starting point. On the basis of this, we establish a new training plan to give your body a new incentive.

The inception of GoHealth Clubs

We started operations in March 2017 in Vlaardingen, and a second location – in Rotterdam – soon opened in November. The doors of our third location, a franchise in Rijnsburg, opened in May of the following year. New clubs in Ridderkerk, Oegstgeest and Amsterdam quickly followed throughout 2019, and we project at least six new locations in 2020. We aim to open even more franchises in coming years. After all, research shows that our customers are very enthusiastic about our method of training.

Exercising at GoHealth Clubs

  • Train only 30 minutes each time
  • 15x more results than in regular gyms
  • Safest method of exercising: you can’t do an exercise incorrectly
  • Personal chip card for automatic set-up of equipment
  • Most efficient and accessible alternative to regular gyms

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