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Trainings which are a perfect combination with your busy work life. At GoHealth Clubs, you finish a complete workout within 30 minutes so you can continue on to your next appointment.

Exercising in a fun club

Always personal guidance, in a clean, safe and fun club where the emphasis is on enjoyment. Suitable for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle, a stronger body, and a fresher mind.


We offer various trainings, depending on your goal. Performances are recorded digitally and can always be found in the GoHealth Clubs app.

Circuit training Engels

Make use of luxury fitness equipment in a compact layout. With the Milon Circle or the Technogym Biocircuit, you can train effectively and safely with your own chip card.

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I started at GoHealth with the goal of staying fit and in shape and I am getting more and more fanatical every week.


Really never thought that I would enjoy sports so much, but I really enjoy it.


I feel comfortable here from day 1! GoHealth is not massive and I am seen as a person.


Last December I came in and weighed 139.3 kg. Today we reversed the numbers and that was 93.9 kg.

A promise is a promise!

We encourage everyone with a big smile.

We know you personally – your goal is our goal.

We provide personal guidance to make sure you achieve results.

We work with the best equipment, set up in a circuit layout.

We offer you a clean, safe and relaxed environment.

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GoHealth Clubs


In our clubs. we work exclusively with the best equipment. All fitness machines are set up in a linked manner – which is also called ‘the circuit’. You train your endurance and your muscle strength on these machines, in an alternating fashion. You do this by training for 1 minute on each strength-training machine and 4 minutes on each cardio machine, with 35 seconds in between to position yourself at the next apparatus. And the result? A workout which lasts about 30 minutes.

Before you start, the equipment automatically sets your programme for you with the help of your personal GoHealth wearable. This way, you always train safely, error-free, and according to the proper values – with the seating height, resistance, weight and duration set just for you.

This allows you to work on your goals super-fast and efficiently. This makes exercising easy for everyone, regardless of your experience level.